How do I add $_SESSION[”] to my wordpress page?


I am trying to take my existing object array then json_encode it and add it to a $_SESSION[”] so I can request it on other pages on my website. Is there a way to save my session string (or array) and display it on another page?

Below is the code of the array I am trying to add into a session. ( I don’t know if I need to encode it, but I thought it would increase performance perhaps?)

    $postArray = array(
        "CompanyID" => "5",
        "FirstName" => $_POST['first_name'],
        "LastName" => $_POST['last_name'],
        "Email" => $_POST['email'],
        "Company" => $_POST['company'],
        "Phone" => $_POST['phone'],
        "Fax" => $_POST['fax'],
        "AdressLine1" => $_POST['address'],
        "AdressLine2" => "",
        "City" => $_POST['city'],
        "DistrictID" => $_POST['state'],
        "CountryID" => $_POST['country'],
        "PostCode" => $_POST['postcode'],
        "SpecialInstructions" => $_POST['special'],
        "Items" =>
        "Source" => "Web submission"
    $json = json_encode($postArray);

Then right after that code I try to initialize an action to wp to start and add to session

add_action('wp', 'start_my_session');
function start_my_session() {
    $_SESSION['order_details'] = $GLOBALS['json'];

After that I try to call it on a new page with this code

add_action('wp_footer', 'show_session_var');
function show_session_var() {
    if(isset($_SESSION['order_details'])) echo $_SESSION['order_details'];

When I try to retrieve the data I get this error: session_start(): Cannot start session when headers already sent but I need to create a session because wordpress doesn’t automatically make one?

Any thoughts? I am new to php development in WordPress.

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