How can I support plugins in a custom theme?


I’m a web developer who’s new to WordPress. I’ve been asked to write a custom theme for one of my clients, in other words starting from the ground up. I used Underscores as a foundation and have been writing mostly custom styles on top of that.

They’ve asked if it would be possible to implement infinite scroll on the category landing pages. I’ve been looking at a few plugins like Ajax Load More to hopefully not have to write this functionality this by hand.

What I’m wondering is — do plugins such as Ajax Load More work properly in the context of a custom theme? Based on what I know about plugins, my guess is that this is operates using filters, but I’m not sure what it hooks into, or how to know if I’m providing that hook in the theme.

I know this is a bit of a hazy question, but I’m mainly trying to understand what determines compatibility between a particular plugin and a theme. Do all WordPress themes inherently have the same hooks? How can I know what hooks the plugin expects? Any insights or clarifying thoughts would be much appreciated.

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