How can I store a JWT generated by wordpress on localstorage?


I am a complete noob in WordPress, I don’t work with it and I never used it in a project before, but I am a full stack developer and just got assigned a task in my company to migrate part of a client’s website to our own application.

The trouble is that the authentication part will remain on wordpress due to various reasons (mainly because it’s where subscription plans are handled), so we need the JWT generated by wordpress to be stored in the browser, either in the localstorage or cookies.

There is a team that is responsible for this wordpress part, but they spent the whole day yesterday trying to do it and said they were unable, I suspect they aren’t willing to try hard enough because they know they are losing this project. I just want it done so I can move on with my work, but as a complete noob I’m strugling with it, but come on, it can’t be that hard…

We are using this plugin to generate the token, can anyone please help me? I need some pointers as what to look into

Yuri Waki 8 months 2020-12-09T09:10:24-05:00 0 Answers 7 views 0

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