How can i see/log all requests coming from a registration form (not from the UI)?


I am talking about the REGISTER form

PROBLEM: I have some requests that are coming from somewhere else – not from the user interface. I know this, because these requests don’t have all the mandatory fields completed – and this can’t be done from the user interface, because of the data validations (for example, you can’t submit the form without a name, or without a valid email address)

I suppose this is a security vulnerability, and I’ve heard someone can gain admin access through these requests.

QUESTION: Is there any way(a plugin maybe) I can log and parse these requests, in order to understand who/what/why/how is creating them?
MORE EXPLANATIONS if needed: each time a user submits this register form, I get an email with details (name, email, period, choosen price). But sometimes, i get emails without all the mandatory details: for example: an email with no price or with no email… and this is theoretically not possible. how are these made, and why? is there any way to log these and see WHERE are they coming from?

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