How can I rename custom taxonomy if multiple custom post type have the same taxonomy name?


For a similar issue there are many blog posts or topics discussed here. But my case is special.

I have several custom post types, and they all have a taxonomy called “category”. I hadn’t paid attention to that (I got a site coded by others).

So I assigned category titles to one of the custom posts, and now they all have the same categories, under the category tab of each custom post type.

I removed the categories, it removed them for all custom posts.

The SQL query which consists in renaming a taxonomy works if it targets only one taxonomy. There I go around in circles since all have the same name. If I apply the name change it will change it every time for all custom post types.

Is there a query or something that allows each taxonomy to be targeted by linking to the associated custom post type, so that I can rename them one by one, without impacting the others?

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