How can I enable the search by product tags for woocommerce martfury premium theme’s default search?


I am using WooCommerce Premium Theme for my Client to design and develop his site.
My client wants to show the products on the theme’s default search bar by typing in product tags too.
So, how can I achieve that with coding?

I have tried AJAX Search Bar for Woocommerce Plugin but it needs an upgrade to achieve search by product tags. My client doesn’t want to spend money on this as well as he didn’t like the appearance or the UI of the custom search bar.

I am giving the corresponding information,

URL: | The following product tag: “uttam patel” is added but that doesn’t show a single product.

Your reply is highly appreciated and your help is much needed.

, S.M.Saad Uddin 5 months 0 Answers 39 views 0

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