How can I define a custom archive for childs of a specific category?


I want to show several comics I make without having to rely on plugins (already tried them, each has some limitations I rather just do the work on my own). So I made a parent category called Comics and a child category for each comic series, Title1 and Title2 for example.
Right now, going into domain/comics shows the archive as it is defined by the theme, with all the pages of Title1 and Title2 available. But going to domain/comics/title1 redirects to a single page view.

I would like to show the archive of each series in a different way the archive for blog posts, gallery images and the rest of the content of the page is shown, and creating a category-comics.php file only alters the behavior of the Comics archive and not of Series1 and Series2. How would you go about it?

EDIT: I originally phrased it not to mention I am trying to do comics to make it more applicable to other situations but was told I should say exactly what am I trying to do so I rewrote it to my specifics.

EDIT2: If anyone is wondering, Im basing my wordpress theme of the Neve theme right now.

EDIT3: I have looked around and I think the piece I’m missing is how figure out the query that was made. So if the site loads archive.php, I can put a conditional clause “If category is child of Comic, load comic archive template”

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