How can I cache the LearnDash quizzes on my server?


I’m using the WP LearnDash module for providing my courses. I see sudden horrible lags particularly when using the quizzes. Most of the time they load in a couple of seconds. However, sometimes it can take > 30 seconds and it just kills the experience for some of the users. I need to improve their loading times.

The quizzes IMO should be static content. Each time the user answers a question and clicks next it makes a new call to the server to check (which is remarkably stupid IMO) but anyway it should be static I think.

Is there a way I could cache the quiz content on the server side somehow so as to speed up quiz loading times?

Mugen 3 years 2020-04-02T08:50:50-05:00 0 Answers 122 views 0

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