Hooks for Start/End of Batch Plugin Updates in wordpress


We’re trying to get a hook to run before wordpress updates and after wordpress updates.

We’d like this hook to run whether it’s

a)through the admin panel in these two cases:

1 – single plugin update that is ran,

2 – or a batch plugin update, by checking multiple checkboxes, and clicking the actions menu and clicking on update.

b) through wp cli.

We’ve tried:


But the results have been that they run N x 2 number of times. Meaning if you check off 3 plugins to be updates, they will fire off 3 x 2 = 6 times. 3 for the pre hook and 3 for the post hook.

We’ve also looked at this popular article but it would only work for when plugins are updated through the admin panel.

We’re essentially looking for a way to process a pre command and post command no matter how the update occurs.

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