High Resource Usage when working on WordPress Backend


I have a WordPress website with 1GB RAM and Intel Xeon processor. I don’t face issues when website visitors see posts etc. on the frontend.

However, the CPU and RAM usage quickly shoots up to 100% when I am editing things like post title in the backend by visiting https://my-website.com/wp-admin/edit.php.

The CPU usage remains high (100%) for as long as five minutes after I stop making any changes. I have to wait for it to come down to make changes again.

I haven’t noticed it happening with other things that I do on the website (for now).

Is this a common problem or is it occurring because I update titles of about 3 posts in 10 seconds. (Is this rate fast)?

My CPU usage is still at 26% as I am writing this. There are currently no visitors on the website.

Is there a way to know why it is still so high and takes a while to come down?


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