Help interpreting @wordpress/create-block-tutorial-template usage error


I’m stuck here:

npx wordpress user/create-block a-block --template wordpress user/create-block-tutorial-template
npm WARN config global `--global`, `--local` are deprecated. Use `--location=global` instead.
Need to install the following packages:
  wordpress user/create-block
Ok to proceed? (y)

Downloading template files. It might take some time...
Template found but invalid definition provided.

Really, I don’t know what ...but invalid definition provided. means, and since create-block-tutorial-template seems to be alive and mantained, I wonder which steps I should follow to exit this impasse.

CapelliC 1 year 2022-11-12T03:55:31-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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