hacked – Random PDF pages created on a clients wordpress website


I have a client that I’m doing work with, and they launched a new website and have lost some traffic.

It appears that a big culprit of the lost traffic was have a long list of PDF’s that was on their old site, but not on the new site. PDF’s that they claim they never created.

I found these PDF’s through Google Search Console & Google Analytics, which both show that the PDF’s showed up in Google, and that people visited them. I tried to look at The Way Back Machine to see what these PDF’s looked like, and The Way Back Machine doesn’t have an archive on a single one of them, which was weird.

Does anyone have any idea what these PDF’s are? My only guess is that someone hacked into the site, built out some PDF’s secretly to then build backlinks to their own website and sites of their clients for SEO reasons maybe? Not totally sure..

Here are a couple of the PDF’s

Thanks Loren

I tried to look the PDF’s up on The Way Back Machine to see what they looked like when they were live, and try to find links to other sites, etc. but the Way Back Machine didn’t have any archives of the links

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