Greek characters only showing in certain circumstances


I would like a Greek word (Ἀπὸ) to render on a page like it rendered right here. If I copy Ἀπὸ directly to a page via the WordPress interface, it shows just fine in both the interface and on the actual page. However when I use some PHP to read it out of a MySQL table and add it to a page, it renders ??? instead of Ἀπὸ.

Before you think it is messed up in the database, it renders as expected in Sequel Pro. However I did notice something interesting in its interface. You can select “View Using Encoding…” If I select “UTF-8 Unicode BMP (utf8)” or “UTF-8 Full Unicode (utf8mb4)”, it works. If I select “UTF-8 Unicode via Latin 1”, I get ???.

The database encoding is: UTF-8 Unicode (utf8)

The database collation is: utf8_unicode_ci

The table reports the same encoding and collation.

If I view the source of the page that gives me “???” I see:

<meta charset='utf-8'>

What am I missing?

Kenneth Vogt 5 years 2016-12-17T18:34:27-05:00 0 Answers 62 views 0

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