Get the font used in a WYSIWYG TinyMCE editor when generating a pdf in a form made with “Contact form 7” (problem of overwritten and formatted font)


Hello everybody and sorry for my English, I am French.

I am using the “Contact Form 7” plugin” for my contact form.

I also added with the help of a plugin (, a WYSIWYG TinyMCE editor so that people can write me messages formatted, aligned and with one or more fonts.

I also use the plugin “Send PDF for contact form 7” ( to generate a pdf when sending.

Problem, the plugin overwrites the fonts chosen by the user of the form when generating the pdf, with a list of fonts that the plugin offers in its settings. I would like to retrieve only the font chosen by the user of the form. If that can make things easier, I can ask users to choose only one font when writing their message.

Do you have an idea ? I do not master all the notions of wordpress / php code and functions.

Thanks for your help!


Marian Larochelle 2 years 2021-11-11T11:53:02-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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