Get a list of custom post type (property) when clicked on custom taxonomy 1 (rent or sale) from custom taxonomy 2 (city) page


I have 3 different custom post type (property) and taxonomies (city and type).

I can retrieve

  • all properties from each city from taxonomy-city.php
  • all properties from each type (sale or rent) from taxonomy-type.php
  • all properties from custom post type page from page-property.php

Now what I want is to retrive

  • related properties to both id 1 type (custom taxonomy) and id 1 city (custom taxonomy) when click on rent (type taxonomy) link from london (city taxonomy) page.

Please guide me how I can achieve this, guys.

Minn Khant Naing 2 years 2022-03-24T10:04:05-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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