Generate JSON files for language translation from po file without wp-cli i18n make-json


My plugin uses wp_set_script_translations() to load translations for JS as mentioned here

I understand that when translations for a locale is added it will create the JSON files.

But, we have a lot of site owners wants to translate a few words and start using the plugin.
They can create .po and .mo files, but how they can create the JSON files without setting up wp-cli to use (wp i18n make-json).

Loco Translate plugin is not supporting JSON file generation.

I couldn’t find any online sites supporting .po to .json(with below mentioned format) conversion.

Out put file should in ${domain}-${locale}-${handle}.json or ${domain}-${locale}-${md5}.json JED 1.x ( .json ) file format for each JS file that called with wp_set_script_translations().

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