General question about Parent and Child Post type relationships


I’m hardly an expert on the matter but from reading around this Q&A site i have the following notion that one Post Type cannot be the Parent of another Post Type.

What i can’t seem to answer is why?

If i have a post type of Neighborhoods because they tend to have a lot of specific information relevant to them wouldn’t that make sense to be a Post type?

If i have a post type of Places because there is a lot of information relevant to a place (building, memorial, eatery, etc) wouldn’t that make sense to be a Post type?

Then wouldn’t it make sense that places are within neighborhoods and therefore have a Parent/Child relationship where Neighborhood is the parent of Places?

Why is it not possible then to structure them that way then in a simple manner, or am i missing something here?

Finally why are the same types of Custom Post Types able to be parents of another (ex: Neighborhood1 can be the parent of Neighborhood2 and vice versa) how does that make any sense?

Why would there be a need to make another post of the same post type a child of itself?

When what seems more logical is to have one post type be the parent of another.

My entire understanding, from what i’ve read and from what i’ve been working on, is that one would create a Custom Post Type when a specific kind of repeatable data type will have to be created (neighborhoods, teachers, cars, computers, etc) why then would it ever make sense to have those be hierarchical within themselves?


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