functions – Semplice – What event is triggered when a page is changed in a one page set up?


I have been tasked with tweaking a Semplice theme.

Easy enough, however the site is a one page site, so clicking on a link will change the page but will not load the page again, nor will it update body classes.

There must be some sort of trigger I can watch to determine the page has changed. Can anyone point me towards what this event may be?

Essentially the URL changes but not the DOM.

// Things to do on the change of a one-page Semplice template page
$(window).on(" {SEMPLICE_ONE_PAGE_TEMPLATE_PAGE_CHANGE} ", function (e) {

I am unable to use .on(‘load’) to be clear, it doesn’t trigger when a page changes.

Really hope someone understands my question, if not please request the information you will need to help find the event.

You may get the information you need from the site:

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