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Problem: When setting up a site I forgot to activate taxes. My accountant asked me to correct it so I tried the Woocommerce recalculating button on completed (older) orders. Unfortunately, it ignores the setting that VAT is included in the product price and adds tax to product price (increasing the total order amount incorrectly)

Activated taxes for new orders

Now when placing a new order, the tax (21%) gets show correctly on checkout and invoice. The tax is included in the price & order total.

Product price 14,95
Tax 3,14 (product price excl. tax 12,35)
Total: 14,95

Recalculating old orders

For older orders when tax was not enabled however it is a different story:
Woocommerce offers the ability to recalculate orders. If I do this for an old order: the tax is added to the product price instead of shown to be included in the product price.

Product price 14,95
Tax 3,14
Total: 18,09

As you can see recalculation ignores the setting that the product price includes VAT.

Have you seen this behaviour, or do you have an idea how to solve this problem?

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