functions – delete_term is not working properly with add_action()


delete_term is not working, I’m trying to delete term and after I deleted it, it’ll also delete the similar term from different a taxonomy based on their slugs

here’s my code of the delete_term, so in the code below, when I deleted a term from movies_category taxonomy, it’ll look/find for a similar slug from category (the default wordpress taxonomy for Posts), and then delete it also programmatically, but the code doesn’t work on my end, I’m not sure where did I go wrong here.

function delete_similar_term($term_id, $tt_id, $taxonomy, $deleted_term) {
    if( $deleted_term->taxonomy === 'movies_category' ) {
        $post_cat_term = get_term_by( 'slug', $deleted_term->slug, 'category' );
        wp_delete_term( $post_cat_term->term_id, 'category' );
add_action( 'delete_term', 'delete_similar_term' , 10, 3 );

It’s hard for me to debug this also because I can’t see any errors, when I delete a term from my movies_category it will just highlight the term red and AJAX delete stops working.

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