full site editing – After update to 6.2, FSE Editor is using only `contentSize`, ignoring `wideSide` setting


Before 6.2 my editor (at least for this site and theme):

  • offered the ability to set the width for each new block with a dropdown showing “narrow”, “wide”, “full” (I can’t remember the exact options). Those options no longer
  • honored the settings of contentSize and wideSize when opening a previously styled page with the “narrow”, “wide” settings.

However, in 6.2 the client side looks fine, but the editor is jamming all previously set wide content into only the narrow width. (see attached image)

Note: when the page first loads in the editor, there is a flash where it is correct, then a moment later it reverts everything to the contentSize

If I load the twentytwentythree theme, it’s fine: varying widths are honored.

The “Inner blocks use content width” toggle is on (green)

I’ve examined theme.json files of both themes and I’m not seeing anything that I feel would make the difference. I turned off my styles.css and no difference in the errant behavior. Here is the operable theme.json code:

            "$schema": "http://schemas.wp.org/trunk/theme.json",
            "version": 2,
            "settings": {
                "appearanceTools": true,
                "useRootPaddingAwareAlignments": false,
                "layout": {
                    "contentSize": "680px",
                    "wideSize": "1100px"
                "color": {
                    "palette": [

The Inspector shows for the wrapper group and the column block:

<div tabindex="0" class="block-editor-block-list__block wp-block wp-block-group block-editor-block-list__layout is-layout-constrained" aria-label="Block: Group" data-type="core/group" data-title="Group">
    <div tabindex="0" class="block-editor-block-list__block wp-block alignwide wp-block-columns block-editor-block-list__layout wp-container-21 is-layout-flex is-nowrap" aria-label="Block: Columns" data-type="core/columns" data-title="Columns">

And finally an mockup of what it looks like. The editor should display it as the wideSize but is instead confining it to the contentSize.

What am I missing?
image showing correct and incorrect editor display

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