front end editor creation for Restropress plug in – displaying information from a WP admin area, on a different URL


I dont know where to start on something I am trying to do other than by asking the question. Please forgive my newness. Thanks in advance –

I have a REstropress WP plug in that shows some order information such as current orders and historyenter image description here.

Right now this page is accessible only from the WP admin section meaning employees need to be logged into the WP admin area to view orders which we dont want. I would like to instead display this information on a url outside of the WP-admin area. We would also like to spruce up the UI to make it more employee friendly which is why we are not using a WP user access restriction plug in.

The url would be on the same website domain as the WP site itself. This would be password protected. All employees would use the same password. The users would be able to edit orders but nothing else. Basically I am looking to make a remote control for the existing plug in if that makes sense?

How would I go about doing this in a realtime way?

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