forms – Embed PHP script into WP – what is the best way


I have simple PHP script which does the following:

  • there is an empty form on the page after first time loaded;
  • user fills in some data using the form controls: numbers, checkboxes, etc., and clicks SUBMIT button;
  • PHP script checks the input on server-side (HTTP GET), does some calculations (database is not used), format results in a table: so the user can see input values in the form controls and results in the table on the same page.

I am new to WP development, so I would like to choose the correct way of doing it from the very beginning. What is the best way to incorporate my script into WordPress powered web-site? Is it better to create new Plugin? or Block (Gutenberg)? or just put my HTML/PHP code in new Page?
Maybe you know some tutorials where the same problem is solved using just text editor?
Thank you for answering in advance.

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