force category table refresh when adding new category


i wonder if there’s a relatively easy solution to this :

i have added a custom field to the categories, which in turn gets displayed in the right hand table under its own column name. (essentailly it’s a “this category is the default” field.

all works fine, when editing a category.
however, when adding a category with this field(checkbox) selected , all other categories update to “we are not the default anymore”. the db also stores these new values as required.

however, as adding a new category is invoked via ajax, the category table on the right hand side does not refresh to reflect these new settings. (only when actually refreshing the whole page , can i actually see the current values)

question is therefore, is there a hook i can plug in to that automatically forces a page refresh after a new category has been added (or better still, just to refresh the table on the right ), or do i actually run a seperate ajax call to get the updated values and update that table ?

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