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I am using woo discount rules plugin pro, and it has a function to add a change variant button in the cart page of woocomerce. I don’t want the change variant button there. There are no settings to overide this in the function. I have found the function in the plugin that I would like to remove. How would I go about doing this.

Here is the plugin function

     * Display option to change product in cart
     * @param $product_id int
     * @param $customer_product_choice array
     * */
    public static function displayOptionToChangeProduct($product_id, $customer_product_choice){
        //TODO: Display in right format
        if(isset($customer_product_choice['available_products']) && !empty($customer_product_choice['available_products'])){
            $template_helper = new Template();
            $available_products = $customer_product_choice['available_products'];
            $override_path = get_theme_file_path('woo-discount-rules-pro/buy-x-get-y-select-auto-add-variant.php');
            $variant_select_box_template_path = WDR_PRO_PLUGIN_PATH . 'App/Views/Templates/buy-x-get-y-select-auto-add-variant.php';
            if (file_exists($override_path)) {
                $variant_select_box_template_path = $override_path;
            $template_helper->setPath($variant_select_box_template_path)->setData(array('available_products' => $available_products, 'customer_product_choice' => $customer_product_choice, 'woocommerce' => new Woocommerce()))->display();

Here is how I tried to remove it in my functions.php file

function remove_change_variant() {
    if (class_exists('WDR_PRO')) {
        remove_action( 'wp_enqueue_scripts', array( WDR_PRO::get_instance(), 'displayOptionToChangeProduct' ) );

Not quite sure what I may be doing wrong, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Anders Kitson 3 months 0 Answers 13 views 0

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