file_get_contents to update_post_meta strange behavior database via shortcode


Here is the context : with a custom plugin, I create a shortcode which must retrieve a list of articles as text files (html inside h2, p, links) from a thematic folder. The html content of the text file must go to wp_postmeta> meta_value.

add_shortcode('myshortcode', 'my_shortcode');
function my_shortcode( $atts ){
  global $post;
  $attributes = shortcode_atts( array(
    'thematic' => '',
  ), $atts );

  $themaCurrent = $attributes['thematic'];
  $mypluginpath = WP_PLUGIN_DIR . '/myplugin/';

  $passage = fopen($mypluginpath.'nbr-init.txt', 'r+');//Stock passage, Start to 0
  $number_passage = fgets($passage);  // Read the first line
  $number_passage += 1; // +1
  fseek($passage, 0);// cursor at start of file
  fputs($passage, $number_passage); // Rewrite the new number

  $folderCurrent = $themaCurrent.'/';

  // wp_postmeta > meta_value stay empty :
  $filename = $themaCurrent.'-'.$number_passage.'.txt'; //like : thema-1.txt...
  //$filename = "static".".txt";// fill correctly in wp_postmeta > meta_value
  $mypath = $mypluginpath.$folderCurrent.$filename; 

  $meta_value = file_get_contents($mypath);
  $request = wp_remote_get($mypath);
  $meta_value = wp_remote_retrieve_body($request) ;
$meta_key = '_my_meta_key_name';
update_post_meta( $post->ID, $meta_key, $meta_value/*, true*/ );

return $meta_value;}

the problem : using file_get_contents :

  • by testing with a simple call to the “static” file :
    $filename = "static".".txt";
    Result: writing html in meta_value is correct. Good point…

  • But with the dynamic call on $filename = $themaCurrent.'-'.$number_passage.'.txt';
    Result: meta_value systematically remains empty.

Following advice here, I also tried to :
replacing file_get_contents by
$request = wp_remote_get($mypath); $meta_value = wp_remote_retrieve_body($request);
Result: empty meta_value.

Also tried to indicate :
update_post_meta( (int) $post->ID, $meta_key, (string) $meta_value);

and also with serialization like: $meta_value = serialize($meta_value);

Server-side details: php version 7.3 and allow_url_fopen is enabled.

I have scoured the site and tried several of the solutions given but after several attempts, I ask for your help, because I can not advance more. What am i doing wrong, how can i fix the problem please? many thanks


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