File permission error all of a sudden


My website had been working well. But recently I started to see some abnormalities.

When I upload a media file, it says the file can’t be moved to upload/2022/08;
When I create a new post, the featured image choice section on the backend are gone;
On frontend, plugin WP-SCSS is reporting file permission issue on the cache folder;

I had to manually change the related folder from 0755 to 0777 to solve these issues. But why all of a sudden it requires 0777 while it never had? The only change I made recently to the server is doing some package upgrade for my linux server. It was a one-click-go and I didn’t take a closer look to what had been upgraded but I do remember seeing most items are related to PHP8.0 or PHP8.1. Could this be the reason the file permission issue is acting up?

shenkwen 10 months 2022-08-17T08:42:55-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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