Fetch author in wordpress api


I am trying to make a mobile app(React-Native) for a WordPress blog managed by
someone I know.

I am trying to fetch author details through the API. I have used the _embed option. However, the author name is not what I wanted.

Before I confuse you more, let me show you

  1. In the WordPress posts, I see Author as “Heisenberg” (The person who manages this WordPress account)

enter image description here

  1. Now when I click on the post and scroll below the content, I see the author section. Here we have the actual author “Pinkman”.

enter image description here

But in the JSON under the _embedded.author property, I get this – [{“name”:”Heisenberg”…..}]

What can I possibly change to give credits to Pinkman?
And supposing I can’t change the author name on the main page.


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