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Before you say this has been dealt with before, please read the whole issue.
I have Google’ed and Stackoverflowed myself to death on this.

In WMT I see 404 errors for /feed on specific posts. e.g. htt://mydomain/thispost/feed/
My feed is working fine for pages and categories but there is this ongoing 404 error for a feed on indivual posts.

I thought to block /feed in robots.txt but then all feeds will be blocked and I dont really know the impact from a SEO perspective.

Can someone please give me a solution or direction.

By the way my site is using WPML and WP SEO (Yoast)

Thank you in advance

Dov D 8 months 2020-11-22T22:10:19-05:00 0 Answers 13 views 0

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