Faking “Same Slug Root, Multiple Custom Post Types” with Redirects?


I know you can’t have:




both live at:


But I have a situation where I have content that must be differentiated into different custom post types (because of where it is used elsewhere), that I would like to also be represented on the front end as living under one root path, let’s say that’s /rules/. Let’s also say that I can guarantee /rules/ won’t be occupied by anything else (that is, I won’t put a page there or any other content under it).

Is it possible to somehow redirect:


and so on to:


Maybe after each CPT resolves to its default URL /my-cpt-1/whatever/, I can redirect it to the /rules/my-cpt-1/whatever, and render content in a template at that path, pulling the data based on /whatever/ from the correct CPT (/my-cpt-1/) in the path?

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