Event listings with multiple dates, displayed chronologically


I have a custom post type ‘Events’, and am using an ACF repeater field for the ‘date’, allowing a single event post to have multiple dates set.

My aim is to create a list of all these event posts, with details such as the title, featured image and permalink displayed.

The list of events needs to ordered chronologically from the current date. Any events dated in the past do not need to be displayed.

An event with multiple dates should be displayed multiple times.

If it makes it more simple, I would be able to create a series of separate date fields (e.g. ‘date_one’, ‘date_two’, etc.) rather than using a repeater.

The solution to this previous question seems really close to what I’m trying to achieve but doesn’t seem to work for me, showing only errors.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated – I’m almost at the point of resorting to a plugin but would love to get this working without one. Thanks!

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