errors – WordPress showing “Index of /” with blank directory on my laptop, but it works on other mobiles


Why the laptop is showing the “Index of /” page on my laptop browsers (Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge) but works fine on my other mobile devices?
I tried clearing the cache, restarting the laptop, recreating the .htaccess file, etc.
Does anyone have a solution for such a problem?

Here’s the screenshot of the page –

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Manish Shah 12 months 2021-10-14T05:17:48-05:00 0 Answer 0 views 0

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    • If it works on every browser & device but the one you’ve already loaded it on, it’s a caching issue.
    • Have you tried it on a browser you haven’t already loaded it from on your laptop? Example: You have loaded it in Chrome. If it works in Firefox, Edge or Safari for example, it’s the browser that won’t load that has the caching issue.
    • If not, I’d suggest trying’s free Hummingbird plugin instead of just clearing your laptop browser which will cache the site files. After installing and activating the plugin, click on the “Caching” link then Activate it. Finally click “Clear Cache”.

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