ERROR: Invalid mla_gallery date_query = ‘false’ [closed]


I am using mla gallery plguin in a wordpress site. I am trying to get pdf files as follows

    date_query = array(array(   'after' =>'1 year ago','before' => 'today'  )) 
    post_parent=all post_mime_type=application/pdf mla_debug=true 

As you can see I want to fetch all those pdf files that were added in Media last year. Eventually I will change it to get value of dates like 2020-05-18 (18th May 2020) format but I am getting error

ERROR: Invalid mla_gallery date_query = ‘false’

I have set Php reporting 0x7FFF and MLA Reporting to 128 but only get the above error and nothing else. How do I fix this error?

, umair.ashfr 10 months 2020-05-18T03:10:25-05:00 0 Answers 89 views 0

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