My problem : MAMP does not navigate to local WordPress login page after installation of SSL plugin

Before exporting the contents of my WordPress site to a rental server, I mistakenly activated the SSL plugin, similar to “really simple plugin” that the Japanese rental server company requires when we choose a domain with SSL. After activating this plugin I was supposed to test http and https.  I failed, with error message


It seems many people get this but not always for the same reasons.  I deleted that plugin file in the “wp-content” file in MAMP and deactivated SSL on the server. Now I get the following error message:

This site can’t provide a secure connection
localhost sent an invalid response.

I saw some people suggested deleting some passage in the .htaccess file. But I did not find the .htaccess file. This “.htaccess file” solution seems to work if I had already exported the contents of my WordPress site to a rental server, and if I had activated the plugin before I turned on SSL on the rental server side.
Let me clarify my question again, how can I reach my WordPress log-in page when my WordPress content does not exist on the rental server.

One more thing: I have no programming knowledge whatsoever.

Thank you.

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