Embedding Password Protected (Private) “Blog Posts” BLOCK that shows Images and Excerpts on Password Protected Page (not the home page)


My request is almost identical to that of the
Private Post BUT Public excerpt on Homepage thread (similar use), with exception to this request being about a page that isn’t set as the home page (regular page; not a post). I have the Premium WordPress account.

I have created a private password-protected page (not the homepage) with a URL of /aggregator then I created a private post and gave it a unique category.

When I go to embed the Blog Posts block and select the category, a message of “Sorry, no posts were found.” is displayed while drafting, with nothing displayed when previewed (or published). Because private blog posts are excluded. (I have a plugin that allows me to exclude certain categories or tags from the homepage; so I’m covered there).

I’d like a password-protected private page with the password-protected private posts previewed (image with excerpts) on the password-protected private page, then once the title or “Read More” is clicked, a password prompt will be displayed to read the full content. I could not find a plugin that achieves this.

I am using a child theme for Morden. My permalinks for posts are set to /%author%/%postname%/

If you need more information, please let me know. Thank you so much for any and all help and or direction you can provide.

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