embed – Is there a way to have a the results of a pre-set Google query appear on a WP page? It would mean the results would be different for each user


I’m looking to create a page on a WordPress site that will populate unique content for each visitor based on a pre-set Google query embedded in the source code of the page, essentially populating the content (a list) with personalized data. Yes, I know the results won’t always be perfect, but can this be done?

For example, if I want a page to populate with “pet stores near me” and when a user goes to that page, it would simply display a list as though they had gone to google.com and made that query themselves. So each visitor would see a different list of pet stores (perhaps 10 results, or 20, but I’d like to be able to limit it to a certain number) because their IP/location would dictate that list (as long as they weren’t using a VPN or other edge cases leading to incorrect results).

Has anyone done something like this and can it be done? Thank you for any advice.

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