Elementor Pro and Astra have different breakpoints – how to salvage?


So I read all this hype about Astra being the best theme for Elementor for non-theme-developers. I am not a theme developer. TBH, I don’t use WP as my preferred platform, but obviously if client requirements dictate, I abide. In my estimation, Elementor was the best fit for this client… and I thought Astra was the best starter theme. Current propaganda says they work together famously – not so much. they have different breakpoints! And while I can adjust Elementor’s breakpoints to match Astra’s, for this use case, Elementor’s are way more appropriate. I know i can override ALL of Astra’s breakpoints in the CSS but that doesn’t do my client any good should they try to use any of Astra’s customizer features in combination with Elementor after I’m gone.

Long story short, I picked a bad pair.

Unless I’m mistaken, there’s no way to build Astra with these matching break points. Again, I know i can do it all through through CSS but if that is what is required, I should start with a more bare-bones theme. maybe tat’s what I need.

Anyway, I know this question probably sounds mostly subjective, but What I’m really asking is:

Is there a way I’m missing to match Astra’s (or any other theme for that matter) breakpoints to that of the page builder I’m using (in this case, Elementor)?

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