Elementor custom Query with ACF fields to show matching woocommerce products custom fields


I am trying to show custom fields of some products using elementor custom query. The products are coming just fine. But they have usage custom fields matching custom conditions. Have a look at this image to understand the situationProblem Statement Image 1

As you see, the usage will show as per the conditions, if all conditions are false, default usage will be shown. Now the usage is something like this, weekly 3 times morning only or daily both times, have a look at the next image and you will understand.
Usage examples for Problem Statement

Now I have a table like this:

         Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday | Friday | Saturday


So in first cell I want to show all the products that have Day 1 use as Morning and fill the entire table similarly.

I am querying the products for monday morning with this code :

function monday_morning_only($query_args){

$id_array = return_current_product_ids();
$query_args['post__in'] = $id_array;

$row_index = 0;
$meta_key_for_usage = 'personal_usage_condition_based_'.$row_index.'_custom_daily_usage_';
$query_args['meta_key'] = $meta_key_for_usage.'day_1';
$query_args['meta_value'] = array('Morning only','Morning and Evening');
$query_args['meta_compare'] = 'IN';

return $query_args;

This works, but shows products matching 1st condition only as I hardcoded the $row_index variable to 0. I also wrote a function to return the matching row_index, but how can I put row_index for each product inside this query? Or should I query separately and merge results? Or is there any better way? Please share your knowledge and guide me to solve this problem. Thanks.

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