Editing categories crashes WordPress site


I was creating a tree of categories into which I later intended to classify WordPress posts. While doing this the response time of the site gradually increased. I started getting different server errors. Finally unresponsive.

The support guy saw CPU overload (“off the scale”) he attributed to plug-in W3 Total Cache. He killed processes and site worked. But in the process I had received messages from W3 Total Cache to delete files. Deleting these crashed the site again and it had to be restored from backup and worked perfectly after that.

I deleted the W3 Total Cache plug-in and started creating categories again. But the same problem appeared again. I can create about 10 categories but then the whole site gradually becomes unresponsive. It is now restoring from backup again.

The site has been up for 6 mo without any other problem.

How can I create categories?

I tried deleting all old categories and also removing the category widget. This also crashed the site in the same way. Whatever I do to the categories seem to crash the site.

When the site crashes, the fan speed of my laptop increases. I have tried emptying cache of the browser to no avail.

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