docker – How and where are the provisioning script set up in WordPress?


Is there a native provisioning system set up already?


I am thinking there might be some shell script, native scripts and provisioning scripts that didn’t run

There are none, you have to create those yourself.

I noticed the database wasn’t provisioned yet (meaning the tables weren’t created and the tables weren’t populated)

WordPress won’t install itself, you have to configure and install it yourself, either manually or via a script/provisioner/tool.

the closest you’ll find to what you’re looking for is:

There are no system packages or official scripts to do what you are trying to do.

Also note that the official WordPress docker containers are only official in the sense that Docker themselves created them, the WordPress project was not involved in their creation. The closest WordPress itself has ever gotten is NPM dev tools that use docker for quickly setting up Gutenberg dev environments. These were only intended for local use.

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