Do you have plugin or JS API recommendations, usable in Elementor, for setting up nested horizontal and vertical sliders?


In WordPress, with Elementor Hello theme, we were asked to show a vertical slider. The second and third slides contain regular images. But the first slide contains an horizontal slider, which contains regular images.

So the horizontal slider is nested in the vertical one.

We have tried to make use of Addons Premiums vertical & Horizontal slider, but they are not compatible.

I have tried to use but it doesn’t seem to work with the way that Elementor creates the DOM elements.

If you are a WordPress developer that use Elementor, and if you have already done this, could you please tell me how?

Hope this question will be useful for other people.

PS: the content of each slide must be customizable by our customer in the admin panel, with the Elementor templates and/or sections and widgets.

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