Do any Ts&Cs involving Automattic govern the publication and serving of a “” blog?


A “WordPress” blog may be hosted either at or at a site (say where it is hosted by another company (say FoobarHosting). In the first instance it is called a “” blog for obvious reasons; in the second, it is often called a “” blog because that is the site from which the open-source blogserver software is downloaded.

Clearly when a blog is hosted at the host, which is to say Automattic, agrees terms with the blog author which govern the hosting, and some of these terms relate to what is permissible as content. This is normal when one party hosts material for another party.

Clearly too when a blog author arranges for his WordPress blog to be hosted at, the hosting is carried out in accordance with an agreement between the author and the site host, which is to say FoobarHosting, and FoobarHosting may well insist on conditions regarding permissible content.

My question is as follows: in the second instance, does Automattic have any role in deciding what counts as permissible content?

More specifically:

  • Is any communication with a site run by Automattic required when a “” blog is served? (If yes, then presumably Automattic could block the serving of the blog.)

  • When the “” blogging software is downloaded, are terms and conditions agreed with Automattic that govern appropriate use, whether regarding content or otherwise? Or once a blogger has downloaded the software, does Automattic have zero interest in whatever he does with it at

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