Display Term form on a custom page


so I have a custom admin dashboard page where I display the terms hierarchy (for a better UX).

My goal is to display the term form on a custom admin page having the term object.

I tried displaying the form from product_cat taxonomy term using acf_form.

I tried setting the post_id with

  1. The term object
  2. ‘product_cat_’ . $term_id
  3. ‘term_’ . $term_id
  4. ‘term_product_cat_’ . $term_id (and sideways)

None of this actually worked. Am I doing something wrong? Or does this function work only with post_types?

Is there any way to display a Term form with custom fields from ACF

Galit Dumitru 4 months 0 Answers 12 views 0

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