Display multiple custom taxonomy values on single custom post types page?


I can’t seem to figure this out, I have tried and looked at multiple forums posts with example codes but nothing is working for me.

I have wordpress and a custom post type called videos-on-demand.

Video on demand post type has a few taxonomies like age, teachers, length of video, etc..

I created a test post and made a custom page that is working and I am able to customize it… however I can’t get the taxonomies to show on the footer of the page similar to how you would see categories and tags on a standard blog post.

I want to be able to click on those terms/links to bring you to an archive of all those terms for searchability.

What am I missing here?

    $terms = get_the_terms( $post->ID, 'video-on-demand' ); 
    foreach($terms as $term) {
      echo $term->name;
MuhuPower 2 years 2020-12-14T15:10:18-05:00 0 Answers 9 views 0

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