Display listing item details like the site indeed.com


I designed a listing website using Jet Engine and Elementor plugins.
In the display part of the listing, I want the display mode to be like the website indeed.com.
By clicking on an item, the designed single post (item details) will be displayed on the side of the items.
Exactly like the indeed.com.
Everything is designed and complete, only item details are displayed in a new tab, which is not my favorite.
I don’t know if I should find this feature that I am looking for in Elementor or Jet Engine.
Thank you for your help and I am not an English speaker and the content is translated with transliteration and if there is any problem, please forgive me.
I am attaching some photos to clarify the issue


mohammad forutan 4 days 2023-03-19T03:18:51-05:00 0 Answers 0 views 0

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