directory – Could moving my WordPress installation from /var/www/html/ to /var/www/ break the application?


I’m setting up a Linode VPS with Apache 2 and Ubuntu 22. Our organization’s objective is to host a WordPress e-commerce site together with 2 internal applications within this server. While I’ve got experience with other stacks as well as Linux, I’m pretty much new to WordPress.

When I installed WordPress, I apparently created an html directory inside /var/www/ and inside said html directory I created the <> folder that contains the actual WordPress installation.

I want to move my <> from var/www/html/ to var/www/, since the html directory serves no purpose, its confusing and the other applications that’ll be deployed from this VPS will be APIs, so it’s more a “good practice” thing since they don’t actually serve HTML.

However, prior to moving the directory I want to confirm if doing this move will misconfigure any links within the WordPress installation. I haven’t done anything with the WP application besides the installation wizard (so it’s only linked to a MySQL DB and its got its own user): no plugins or anything. Still, I want to be sure.

Can I just move the <>directory without breaking anything inside?

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