DirectAdmin issue with setup WPML in subdomain


Maybe can anyone from this forum setup WPML in subdomain and maybe know this issue and can help me.

I’ve spent now 2 days, and still not resolve this. – default English website – additional Polish language.

I try setup WPML “A different domain per language”. When I enter then return Not valid. and I cannot move to next step.

Please note: WPML cannot support me with this, I read all forum and most people have similar issue and still I not find good solution to resolve this.

For reference:

I’m using litespeed web server, I;m not sure this solve my issue, but I found somelike this below last screen, But this is for ngnix and apache. But I’ve litespeed. Can anyone help me with this?

  1. subdomain is created and folder available in public_html/pl
  2. DNS record is correct add with * and when I put example index.html to then working correct. So I dont know from come this issue “not valid”.

enter image description here

enter image description here

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