Developer wanted to build and maintain WP Template


Hello boys and girls,

I am looking for somebody who can write the perfect code. 🙂

We just launched a new affiliate company. There is a team that has some great SEO and statistics. Also, there is some excellent funding behind it. Of course, the budget is intended to go to content and marketing as much as possible. But as we are planning to build a significant number of websites, we are looking to use an Exclusive WordPress Template. We want to develop this template ourselves. Every website will have the same basics, and this should be in the template. The focus is on SEO, lightweight, and super fast.

We need someone to join our team to build this template, help maintain, and work on any request from within the group.

We would prefer a Dutch native. If you are that person or if you know that person please get in touch.

Nicky Thissen 2 years 2020-10-23T08:10:24-05:00 0 Answers 4 views 0

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