Define default settings for new sites on multisite network with mu-plugin


I have set up WordPress with a multisite network. I have been searching around for hours and can’t seem to find much documentation on setting custom defaults for all the new sites that are created on the network.

I am using a theme with a child theme installed.

Firstly I would like the default theme for all new sites created on the network to be my child-theme that is installed and Every new site starts with a basic default static front page.

Could this work or should i add it as a function in mu-plugin:

/** Sets default theme for new sites on network */
define( 'WP_DEFAULT_THEME', 'theme-child');

Secondly, Every new site created I need to give access to all administrators on the network. Allowing them to work on all the sites automatically.

Should I try and create a mu-plugin if so please give some direction, or if there is a different way please advise. I haven’t coded much in php. Please advise how this can be done.


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