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I have a site I built locally and migrated to a live environment. Later I created a copy of this site and booted it up locally again to do some further dev in there. My local dev software (Local by Flywheel) created a fresh DB for the site to run from at this point.

I am now ready to push to production with the new version, and am finding that on uploading the database to the live server, the prefix on all DB tables which existed before (including the home and site_url values) is reverting to an old sequence, and fetching values from the previous database. No matter what I try and do when I upload the DB it pings back to older values.

Where new tables have been created (e.g. with the addition of a plugin), the prefix is as I expect it to be.

If I open the database via my local install in Sequel Pro, I see the prefixes and values I expect to see – they are correct and they match the contents of the site. However if I open it in Adminer I see the older values, as when I import the DB to the server using PHPMyAdmin.

The only way I have managed to get the production site to work is by manually setting the home and site_url values in wp_config.php as per this article: This feels hacky to me, and not future-proof.

I will have more dev to do in this site over the coming months – I would like to stabilise this issue and get it working like every other WP install I have created, but I cannot figure out what is happening here.

Some basic questions:

  1. Is this something people have seen before?
  2. Where could the DB be fetching the older values from?
  3. Is there a way to consolidate the various pieces of data the site seems to be pulling in to a single new database?

I understand that my question is vague because I don’t understand what’s happening, and I offer it with apologies for that. I am hoping I’ve described this well enough for someone to recognise a known mistake or issue. If anyone has time to help me learn something here I’d be very grateful.

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